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Learn How Close Should A Humidifier Be To Your Bed

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After discovering the wonders humidifiers can do to eliminate the discomfort brought about by asthma, dry throat, eczema, dehydrated skin, and other symptoms of allergy, you decided to purchase one for your family. The next big question is where you should properly place your humidifier at home or in your bedroom.

I have a separate blog post that will give you expert tips about that, but now we are going to focus on learning how close should a humidifier be to your bed.

Should you have no introduction about humidifiers yet, let me give you a brief discussion about them.the humidifier in a baby room

Factors You Should Consider When Deciding How Close Should a Humidifier be to Your Bed

These pointers will give you a general explanation about the nearness of the humidifier in your bed. Please do not forget to consider the spout where the mist is being propelled in line with these tips as well.

  • If you bought the best humidifier for bedroom to make your sleep more comfortable because of its cooling mechanism, then it is a great idea to place it near the bed.
  • Putting your humidifier next to your bed is also advisable if you would like to address the allergens present in your room. If your humidifier has a built-in filter, it should be near to you as possible. The closer it is, the cleaner the air you will be inhaling.
  • Although warm mist humidifiers can relieve discomforts due to colds and allergens, it can only stay near the bed while you are awake, or if it has a very stable platform.

This is because of safety reasons. As we all know, warm mist humidifiers make use of boiling water in the process. This can be dangerous and lead to medical emergencies in case it falls or the level of humidity is not regulated properly.

  • If the humidifier is still new or functioning properly or well-regulated, placing it near the head of your bed or anywhere near you is great. However, concerns rise whenever it produces water build-up which may eventually drip on your face.
  • A humidifier which you always fail to check its humidity levels should not also be too close to the bed. Levels of humidity that are excessive will cause the entire room to be moist. If it is located near the bed, the bed, sheets, and pillows can get damp.

Apart from the discomfort of sleeping in a semi-wet bed, and the hassle of changing sheets too often, this will create a great breeding place for bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms.

  • If you are using tap water, you do not want the humidifier to disperse its mist directly on your bed. You do not want to sleep up in a bed full of white dust for sure or wake up covered with it. It is also not advisable to bring your humidifier with unfiltered water near the bed if you have hypersensitivity to dust.

Should you have no choice with the humidifier’s location, please use distilled water instead.

  • A humidifier that does not get cleaned on a regular basis should not be placed near your bed. It is true that some humidifiers have filters which can help clean the air that we inhale inside our rooms. However, if you do not clean it according to the instructions given by the manufacturer, the bacteria, mildew, and molds that were trapped can multiply inside the system will soon be emitted.

The speed of you inhaling these allergens will depend on the proximity of the humidifier in your bed.

  • Certain humidifiers create mechanical noise. This can be problematic for some people. To solve this simply, the noisier the machine, the farther it should be in your bed so that you can sleep soundly.


Where you should place the humidifier in your bedroom depends greatly on your commitment to using the machine properly. You have to understand that the location will be affected by the type of humidifier you have as well. Remember, these machines are not created equal.

As what we have discussed earlier, certain conditions should be met before you can sleep soundly even when your humidifier is close to your bed.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What was your purpose of having the humidifier?
  2. Is your chosen location for warm mist humidifier safe?
  3. Is your humidifier properly regulated, are there any tool that can catch water build-ups?
  4. Does your humidifier has automatic humidity regulator?
  5. Do you regulate the room humidity on a regular basis? Do you frequently clean it?
  6. Do you use distilled water with it?
  7. Can you tolerate the noise from the machine?

If the answers to questions 2-7 are yes, then you can safely put your humidifier on your nightstand or bed table or even headboard shelf or cabinets.

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