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Why You Need The Best Reading Light For Bed


Acquiring new knowledge can never be as easy as the traditional way of doing it – through reading. Regardless if it’s a book, a device or a computer screen, reading can provide you with new knowledge that you can use in your everyday life. It is also through reading that we are able to discover new skills and even new worlds. By simply reading, we are able to change who we are.

Unfortunately, not many people appreciate reading due to various reasons. Most reading time happens before sleeping on the bed and the common reason for not reading books is the improper lighting. In this article, we will give light as to why you need to find the best reading light for bed.

old book lightWhat is a reading light?

As its name suggests, reading lights are simply devices used for lighting. It can be used for other applications however it is designed primarily for reading as it is compact, and only provides illumination or lighting to a small to medium area that is fit for the size of a book or a computer set. Additionally, this kind of lighting can also be used for other applications which require a good amount of illumination but needs to be portable and can be fitted and clamped into a variety of modalities or accessories.

This kind of lighting equipment makes use of a specific bulb with particular lumens and makes use a limited amount of power or voltage. Some reading lights come in extra battery ports allowing it to be portable and can be used anywhere and anytime. Some models can also be rechargeable and others in their traditional design which requires a power source or outlet where the equipment is plugged in, despite their smaller size compared to other lighting equipment, it can provide a good amount of illumination even at night and can last for a long time.

Why you need a reading light for bed

So why exactly do you need to get yourself a reading light for bed? Here’s a few fantastic reasons why you should.

Avoid eye strain

Reading a book with normal room lighting can cause stress to the eyes especially when reading in the evening before sleep. Although the eyes may seem to be capable of seeing perfectly even in dim lights during the evening, prolonged used of the eyes in such environment can cause stress in the long run.

In addition, the eyes can adjust to lighting patterns and may have a difficulty coping up with the difference of the light in the evening and light during the day. If the eyes are stressed out this way, it could lead to various health concerns such as headaches, migraine, eye strain, and others which greatly affects other parts of the body and affects our movements. Always ensure that proper lighting is used during the night and try to use the same level or lumens of lighting that is used during the day to avoid straining the eyes as it adjusts.

Proper illumination

Reading lights are also a great option to choose whenever looking to find lighting with enough lumens or illumination to use when reading in the evening. Reading lights are designed with a good level of lumens which is about 1600 lumens and 50 to 100 watts. With this kind of specifications out of your reading light, you will be able to conveniently see through the dark and read even the smallest fonts in your book.

Compact and directional lighting

Another great thing about using reading lights is that they are small and compact and can provide lighting to a specific area. Its small size and adjustable focus arevery useful especially if you are looking to provide lighting to a small portion or area only. Additionally, it can also provide a wider range or lighting area if the equipment is set at a distance apart from the target.


Portability is also another great feature of a reading light. This equipment is designed to be light as well as small or compact to make it easier to move around and carry around anytime and anywhere. While this device can be used at home and in the office, it can also be used outdoors since some designs come with the use of batteries or others are designed to be rechargeable. Depending on the power consumption of the unit, a portable reading light could last for long hours or overnight.

Adjustable features

What’s great about opting to buy newer models of reading lights is that they come in many adjustable features. Among the commonly used feature is the adjustable light feature wherein users can choose the level of illumination such as the full power lighting which makes use the most lumens, the mid-levellighting, and the dim light option. Another adjustable feature is the direction of the light. Depending on the hinge or neck of the headlight, it can be directed towards different directions and angles to provide convenience and comfort to its user.

Can stand and can be mounted

Using a flashlight or your phone for lighting requires you to hold it by hand or use an accessory to hold it in place. Having to use a reading light doesn’t require you any of these as it can be mounted on the wall or on the side of a table and it can even stand on its own. Many designs of reading lights come with weighted stands that allow it to stand firmlyover the table without having to tilt or move. Some are also designed with clamps or clippings which allows it to be used on tight spaces such as on the bed corners, on the ceiling, under the bed, and many others.

Save energy

While getting just any lighting could already provide you a good amount of light, a reading light could provide more flexibility and can let you do more as well as save more energy since most reading lights make use of LED lighting technology.

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